Sweet Treat Jars

Various flavours

From: R110.00

Select as many sweet treat flavours as you’d like. One flavour per jar.

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M&J Famous Caramel Jar

Our signature flavour!

Fine mushroom corn triple coated in our signature, toffee-like caramel with a superbly crisp and crunchy texture!

R110.00 each

Hazelnut Rocher Jar

Roasted hazelnut chocolate (almost like a Nutella) with a sprinkle of roasted hazelnuts.

This was one of our very first flavours and remain an all-time favourite!

R110.00 each

Cookies & Cream Jar

Everyone's favourite!

R110.00 each

Birthday Cake Jar

A decadent caramel popcorn with warm notes of vanilla in smooth white chocolate, topped with candy sprinkles

R110.00 each

Milk Tart Jar

Our take on a South African classic!

A rich and creamy popcorn with a touch of cinnamon!

R110.00 each

Product may contain peanuts, tree nuts, dairy (milk), gluten, and soy. Our popcorn is made with non-GMO corn, suitable for vegetarians and halaal.

Product sizes
Jars are one liter in capacity.