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We’re a South African start-up, sharing our love for Gourmet Popcorn. We use only the finest corn which is grown on a small farm in the lush lands of Nebraska, which dates back to 1893, and we use wholesome ingredients to flavour our popcorn. We’re all about living a life of endless possibility, relentlessly pursuing your ambitions and passions. We capture this in our motto, “Choose Adventure”!

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Gourmet Popcorn

Our gourmet popcorn is where our adventure started!

We travelled the world in pursuit of the best corn and came across a small farm in the lush lands of Nebraska to bring you some of the finest corn! Thereafter we apply some of our magic to create the most unusual popcorn flavours, made from wholesome and pure ingredients! We avoid the sprinkles and use wholesome ingredients to flavour our popcorn which includes pure butter and sugar to make our signature caramel coating, couverture chocolate, freshly roasted nuts and fragrant spices.

Some of our favourite popcorn flavours

M&J Famous Caramel
Hazelnut Rocher
Milk Tart

Nebraskan corn, grown in South Africa

MJ Golden Kernels

It’s been a few years in the cultivating and we’re super thrilled to share that we’ve collaborated with local farmers to grow our fine Nesbrakan corn in the fertile fields of South Africa!  How cool is that 😃


What’s special about MJ Golden Kernel?

What we’ve found to be special is the superior taste, texture, and mouthfeel as compared to other varieties. The same corn that you’ve come to enjoy from Maverick and Jane.

Taking popcorn to new heights!

Popcorn Slabs

Our popcorn slabs are made with a bed of our famous caramel popcorn, topped with couverture chocolate and unique flavour combinations. Our slabs are packaged in cool boxes with our own artwork which makes for great gifts!

Popcorn slab flavours

Cashew & Coconut
Chocolate Candy Square
Unicorn Candy
Pop Mallow (2)
Pop Mallow
Salted Caramel Deluxe
Salted Caramel
Pistachio & Cranberry
Gingerbread feast
Gingerbread Feast

The next chapter


The next chapter of our adventure which was launched in 2020, after spending considerable time training and learning first-hand from artisans in the motherland of gelato, Italy. It was approximately two years in the making and during that time we referred to it as Project Amore, which means love in Italian and a spin on Rome, backwards.  Our gelato is made the authentic Italian way, right from scratch using pure, seasonal, and wholesome ingredients, just like our famous popcorn, and churned in small batches. We offer both dairy gelato as well as vegan and lactose intolerant options.


We’ve created a range of flavours which will constantly change according to season and theme.

Our flavours to date include Gianduja (chocolate and hazelnut); Lemon Meringue; Roasted Hazelnut; Belgian chocolate and fresh mint; Railroad Hustle (Pecan & Pretzels); Stracciatella; Cheesecake; Lemon Sorbet as well as China Fruit and Orange Sorbet

So refreshing

Velvet Granitas

A smooth velvet-ice drink spun in exotic flavours.

Apart from the unusual flavours, what’s unique about our granita recipe is that you won’t “sip-out” the flavour and be left with just the ice. You know if you know : )


  • Lemongrass and Kiwi
  • Pomegranate and Coconut
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Morello cherry
  • Passion Fruit
  • China fruit and orange
  • Toasted Marshmallow
  • Bubble gum Yum

Goodness in a cup

Popcorn Softies

Our Popcorn Softies are made with soft gelato topped and infused with gourmet popcorn.


Our signature flavour is made with vanilla bean, acacia honey, and torched caramel. Seasonal flavours to date include Gianduja (chocolate and hazelnut), Rafaello inspired, Burfee (creamy fudge-like delicacy with rose and cardamom) to name a few.

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Our locations

Our retail outlets are filled with incredible popcorn for you to try. Visit us at any of our stores to discover our popcorn flavours along with the most amazing popcorn softies and velvet granitas.
Rosebank Maverick and Jane store picture

The Zone @ Rosebank


Our very first store opened in 2016 in the foodcourt at The Zone @ Rosebank.




Our first store in KZN. Gateway features a brand new Kiosk serving every flavour we have including our Velvet Granitas and Popcorn Softies


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