Gourmet Popcorn

Our gourmet popcorn is where our adventure started!

We travelled the world in pursuit of the best corn and came across a small farm in the lush lands of Nebraska to bring you some of the finest corn! Thereafter we apply some of our magic to create the most unusual popcorn flavours, made from wholesome and pure ingredients! We avoid the sprinkles and use wholesome ingredients to flavour our popcorn which includes pure butter and sugar to make our signature caramel coating, couverture chocolate, freshly roasted nuts and fragrant spices.

Only Nebraskan will do

Special, right from the corn!

What we’ve found to be special about Nebraskan corn is that the popcorn kernels pop to a larger size which offers a better mouthfeel, taste, and texture as compared to other varieties and is also non-GMO.

We’ve been using the fine Nebraskan corn ever since 2016, however, in 2019 we’ve been collaborating with local farmers to grow the Nebraskan strain of corn under our sunny skies and fertile lands of South Africa!

Types of Corn

Butterfly & Mushroom

We use two types of corn, butterfly and mushroom corn.

The butterfly is the common type of popcorn which is used for the savoury flavours as its ideal for seasoning and has a crunchy texture.

The Mushroom corn is larger, mushroom-shaped corn, which has a good surface area for coating and is used for the sweet treats and kettlecorn flavours.

Ingredients & Flavours

Wholesome & unusual

We avoid the sprinkles and use wholesome ingredients to flavour our popcorn which includes pure butter and sugar to make our signature caramel coating, topped with decadent chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, and fragrant spices.


Our signature caramel coating is based on an age-old recipe cooked at high temperatures in kettle pots to form a rich, crisp coating for our sweet popcorn. What’s unique is our distinct toffee-like taste profile with a crisp and crunchy texture which is not too hard nor too soft.

Our range of flavours

Our sweet treat flavours are coated in our signature caramel coating and then topped with decadent chocolate and other ingredients to create unusual flavours and textures.

Famous Caramel

Our signature flavour! Fine mushroom corn triple coated in our signature, toffee-like caramel with a superb crisp and crunchy texture

Hazelnut Rocher

If you love a chocolate and hazelnut combination, just wait till you try it with our popcorn!


Our world-first flavour! Burfee is a creamy fudge like delicacy with a hint of rose and cardamom, and now we’ve made it in a popcorn!

Milk Tart

A rich and creamy dessert like popcorn with a touch of cinnamon. Ahh Lekker!

Cookies and Cream

Popcorn coated in crumbly chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies, and smothered in white chocolate


Our famous M&J caramel popcorn, drizzled with smooth milk and white chocolate

Birthday Cake

A decadent combination of caramel and white chocolate popcorn with sprinkles on top!

Belgian Choc Mint

Dark chocolate infused with mint and dusted with mint crackle.

Coconut Cream

Our famous caramel popcorn topped with smooth white chocolate and a DOSE of coconut

Strawberries & Cream

Just as the name says : )

Chocolate Brownie

A decadent chocolate affair! Our famous caramel popcorn topped with smooth milk chocolate and chocolate brownie crumble.

Peanut Butter

Calling all peanut butter lovers! This one’s for you : )

Bounty Inspired

A blend of milk and dark chocolate with a sprinkling of coconut

Red Velvet

A tangy white chocolate reminiscent of cream cheese, with red velvet cake crumble.

Holiday Treat

A decadent caramel popcorn with warm notes of vanilla in smooth white chocolate, topped with chocolate sprinkles

Popcorn Latte

Our take on a coffee popcorn. Smooth white chocolate infused with a few shots of medium espresso!

Milo Inspired

Calling all Milo lovers! This one’s for you : )

Pistachio & Rose

Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East, this popcorn is made our very-own pistachio flavoured chocolate and pure rose oil. It’s been lovingly names “Hilwe” by our Instagram followers which means “Sweet” in colloquial Arabic.

Reese’s peanut butter inspired popcorn

Inspired by the famous chocolate and true to its form, this popcorn is made with milk chocolate and peanut butter!

Salted Nebraska

An all-time classic, made with our fine butterfly corn and a sprinkling of organic salt.


Butterfly popcorn tossed in our unique seasoning made with melted butter.

Howzit SA

Butterfly popcorn tossed with salt & vinegar, lightly laced with melted cheese and a sprinkling of chilli.

Olive oil and herb

Butterfly popcorn tossed in olive oil, a sprinkling of Italian herbs and a touch of sugar.

Real Cheese

We melt real cheddar cheese over our popcorn and bake it to lock in the flavour

Classic Kettlecorn

A light, sweet and salty popcorn. The best of both worlds.

Cinnamon Toast

A light, sweet and salty popcorn with a sprinkling of fragrant cinnamon sugar!

China Fruit & Orange

A light, sweet and salty popcorn with china fruit sprinkle and a splash of orange

Turkish Delight

A light, sweet and salty popcorn with refreshing splashes of rose.

Sweet Chilli

A light, sweet, salty popcorn, with a bit of fire!

Not Salt & Vinegar

A light, sweet and salty popcorn with a touch of vinegar. Why not?

Smoking Gun

A light, sweet and salty popcorn with smoky and woody hickory undertones.